Tuesday Hangout with Sy – papercraft flowers

Papercraft Flowers Tutorial

with Sy from Happy Accident Studios

Sy goes live every Tuesday afternoon over on Twitch  to bring you papercraft tutorials and more. This week we are sharing her two-part video stream. We hope you enjoy them and if you want more content like this please do let us know.

Funding workshops with Gayle Wallace


18 April & 2 May 7pm to 9pm £40

If you’re are perplexed by Proposals or baffled by bids, then this is 2 part workshop is for you!

This is subject 1 of a unique series of workshops designed for anyone who needs to get better at writing bids for funding or producing proposals for contract commissions.

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16 & 30 May 7pm to 9pm £40

If you feel overwhelmed by managing several projects at one time and at times it feels like you just get all the plates spinning nicely, only to find that one has unexpectedly dropped!

If you find it hard to know if you have captured, planned and managed all the potential risks in any project and lack confidence in having covered all the bases? Then this should have you project managing like a pro!

This unique two-part workshop will help you to effectively manage your work (no matter how many projects you have going at a time and furthermore, you will be able to quantify the value you have added to any initiative you are managing!

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13 & 27 June 7pm to 9pm £40

How do you know whether what you do is of value? Can you demonstrate the impact of your work? Do you know how to develop and improve your performance? Why does this matter?

Either as an organisation, relying on bidding for funds, or as a business, you are always, ‘only as good as your last job!’ Learning how to monitor what you do and evaluate how well it has gone are invaluable tools for increasing your likelihood of being successful in applying for grants from funding bodies or winning future contract commissions.

Run over two sessions this workshop will provide you with a sound understanding of the principles of monitoring, that will give you the key resources to gather the information that evidences your value.

You will learn how to evaluate your work in a way that is both meaningful to your professional development and service delivery but also demonstrates your ability to improve.

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Drawing on over 30 years of writing successful bids, providing grant funding for organisations, managing multi-layered projects from a £7,000,000.00 budget as well as successfully and continually writing work proposals for contracts with the Department of Health, Greater London Authority, Department of work and pensions, several Local Authorities, Estate Action, New Deal for communities, Sure Start Programmes, Single regeneration Bids Well Communities, Charities and many more. Gayle Wallace will give you a complete array of tools that you can use to either secure contracts as a business person or greatly improve your chances of successfully applying for funding to voluntary, statutory and charitable sector funders.


G.W Training & Consultancy Ltd is a consultancy and training organisation, delivering high-quality services across a range of areas. The director Gayle Wallace has over 30 years of experience in providing Project management, research, impact assessment, training and facilitation for the Public, Private and voluntary sector.  Key to every aspect of G.W Training & Consultancy Ltd’s work is the level of personal and professional development offered to individuals and organisations ensuring that they are more empowered to fully take on new challenges and opportunities.

The director Gayle Wallace – also founded the Women Who Want Change personal empowerment programme 17 years ago and is passionate about the personal and professional development of women. Gayle is additionally the director of the company named after the programme Women Who Want Change Ltd.

Further information can be found at www.gwtrainingandconsultancy.com & www.womenwhowantchange.com

Kaela’s Adventure

Learning how to use movie maker and YouTube



My daughter, Leah and I had a bonding evening last night. Both of us were having a pretty rough hyper-mobility day and we wanted to cheer ourselves up.

I had mentioned wanting to learn how to use movie maker to create videos that we can share on YouTube that are relevant to everything Unravel & Unwind C.I.C stands for. Most of all, just having a laugh and enjoying ourselves.

The Characters

A while ago, Leah had been folding paper into animal shapes and had left them knocking around the studio. This was perfect for us, as Leah immediately jumped into story writing mode and had me hunting through our vast card stock to find pieces to make a background.

We did have a good giggle, and I must have used at least 2 phone batteries. Once the photographs had been taken we then had the task of cropping out our fingers and uploading them to the laptop. That was when we realised that I had no movie/video software, so I had to hunt out Windows Movie Maker.

Cheeky unexpected snap

Movie maker was a lot cheaper than I expected too. It came in at around £25.00 which I think is a fair investment as we plan to make a lot of our own video’s, especially tutorials and live streams.

So after a few hours of writing, cutting, arranging, photographing, cropping, giggling (and oh I don’t know what else), we finally had a very short video that we were both happy with. Oh and we were able to find some backing tracks too, courtesy of Purple Planet Music.

Not too shabby for total novices.

Please enjoy and we welcome all feedback,

From Faye & Leah

Workshop Updates – What you’ve missed…

Bodice Making with Bette Love

We have recently come to the end of our 6 week class with Rachel and are proud to say that we all have a pattern block for a bodice that fits beautifully. During the last session, we experimented with dart manipulations creating different styles of tops and one learner has teamed up her bodice block with the pencil skirt block to make a summer dress. Our next series of Bette Love classes will include sleeve insertions, vintage dress wear and more. To be the first to hear about the dressmaking classes please do subscribe to our mailing list.

Home Ed Special Effect Make Up Session

We were delighted when our local Home Educating community asked Unravel & Unwind CIC to host a special effects make up session with Riven and Freya last month.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and even got some funny looks on the way home!  After the success of this session, we are also talking to some of the parents about doing regular make up sessions – so watch this space.

Riven has begun doing monthly Make Up Tutorials, held on the last Friday of each month. Just in time for your scheduled evening out. Her techniques range from beautiful natural day looks through to celebrating evenings out and even talks you through foundation colours suitable for your skin tones. She often works closely with local photographers and models creating fantasy and boudoir looks. Whatever your style Deadly by Design can create it, with a back ground in fine art and fantasy, she is sure to empress you all.

Photo credit: Dark Venice Make up: Deadly By Design Model: FreyaCariad

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Guest Feature

The Historic Dockyard, Chatham April 2016

Kron the Mad 

Kron aka Kieran is a regular visitor and supporter at U&U CIC and has been a prominent feature since 2014.

I have watched Kron the Mad grow from strength to strength over the last 2 years and it gave me great joy when I was scrolling Facebook this morning and found out that he not only has opened a store on Redbubble but also on Etsy.

A little bit about Kron – Kron The Mad is an artist/Yeti located in Kent. Hairy and bizarre, this mythical woodland creature creates paintings, sculptures and many odd doodles. His artistic sensibilities range from high concept fine art to erratic brain-farts that need to be exorcised and trapped in whatever media is at hand.

When he’s not lurking in the background of people’s photos being all hairy and what-not, he’s busying himself creating a variety of artistic abominations and generally volunteering at his local community arts & crafts drop-in centre Unravel & Unwind CIC, where his work can be purchased in person when not exhibiting at local events.


Embrace 03 pp mid resEmbrace 02 pp mid resEmbrace 01 pp mid res

Embrace Series – 2015

Deep She Drank pp med res (resize)

Deep She Drank – 2015

Do you LOVE your job?

Do you really love your job?

I mean REALLY Love your job?

No, I mean REALLY, REALLY, LOVE your job???

Zest Photography


I am Faye, and when I say I LOVE my work, I actually really do. I have been project manager for Unravel & Unwind CIC for 2 years now. I started up the community craft space in 2014 after being long term unemployed. I wanted to socialise with creative people and to avoid falling into the chronic illness – job hunting/unemployed – depression cycle. I had begun crochet the previous year and had found myself getting increasingly isolated yet making a lot of items for friends and family. Continue reading “Do you LOVE your job?”

Dressmaking skills with Bette Love

Bette Love returns to Unravel & Unwind

Bette Love
Bette Love (click on photo to visit Bette’s website)

In July & August we welcome back Rachel from Bette Love, to pass on her skills in dressmaking. These skills range from made to measure pattern drafting through to the completion of an item of clothing, ready to wear.

Rachel is offering two classes in the coming months. She will be repeating the pencil skirt made to measure class, as this is a popular addition to our program of events and sells out very quickly.

The class is small, limited to 4 people, and affordable at just £45 for the whole day (11am to 5pm) and includes all the materials needed to go home with a very smart pencil skirt ideal for formal occasions.

Continue reading “Dressmaking skills with Bette Love”

Crochet, Crotat, Aran and Rainbows

Rainbow Valley comes to Rochester, Kent

Rainbow Valley Crochet
Rainbow Valley Crochet

The last weekend of June see’s us welcoming back Helen Free of Rainbow Valley Crochet. Helen designs unique crochet patterns under the name of Enfys, which I believe is Welsh for rainbow (I’m sure Helen will correct me later if I got it wrong).

Helen was taught to crochet by her Dad but she didn’t really take it very seriously until she reached her 20’s, round about the same time she bought her home and needed something to occupy her evenings. Helen says that she has always been good at “making things up as she goes along” and soon found that she was getting requests for her patterns and was encouraged to start writing them down and selling them online. Helen has never looked back and continues to design a wide array of crochet patterns, some of which have been featured in Inside Crochet magazine.

read on…