Funding workshops with Gayle Wallace


18 April & 2 May 7pm to 9pm £40

If you’re are perplexed by Proposals or baffled by bids, then this is 2 part workshop is for you!

This is subject 1 of a unique series of workshops designed for anyone who needs to get better at writing bids for funding or producing proposals for contract commissions.

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16 & 30 May 7pm to 9pm £40

If you feel overwhelmed by managing several projects at one time and at times it feels like you just get all the plates spinning nicely, only to find that one has unexpectedly dropped!

If you find it hard to know if you have captured, planned and managed all the potential risks in any project and lack confidence in having covered all the bases? Then this should have you project managing like a pro!

This unique two-part workshop will help you to effectively manage your work (no matter how many projects you have going at a time and furthermore, you will be able to quantify the value you have added to any initiative you are managing!

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13 & 27 June 7pm to 9pm £40

How do you know whether what you do is of value? Can you demonstrate the impact of your work? Do you know how to develop and improve your performance? Why does this matter?

Either as an organisation, relying on bidding for funds, or as a business, you are always, ‘only as good as your last job!’ Learning how to monitor what you do and evaluate how well it has gone are invaluable tools for increasing your likelihood of being successful in applying for grants from funding bodies or winning future contract commissions.

Run over two sessions this workshop will provide you with a sound understanding of the principles of monitoring, that will give you the key resources to gather the information that evidences your value.

You will learn how to evaluate your work in a way that is both meaningful to your professional development and service delivery but also demonstrates your ability to improve.

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Drawing on over 30 years of writing successful bids, providing grant funding for organisations, managing multi-layered projects from a £7,000,000.00 budget as well as successfully and continually writing work proposals for contracts with the Department of Health, Greater London Authority, Department of work and pensions, several Local Authorities, Estate Action, New Deal for communities, Sure Start Programmes, Single regeneration Bids Well Communities, Charities and many more. Gayle Wallace will give you a complete array of tools that you can use to either secure contracts as a business person or greatly improve your chances of successfully applying for funding to voluntary, statutory and charitable sector funders.


G.W Training & Consultancy Ltd is a consultancy and training organisation, delivering high-quality services across a range of areas. The director Gayle Wallace has over 30 years of experience in providing Project management, research, impact assessment, training and facilitation for the Public, Private and voluntary sector.  Key to every aspect of G.W Training & Consultancy Ltd’s work is the level of personal and professional development offered to individuals and organisations ensuring that they are more empowered to fully take on new challenges and opportunities.

The director Gayle Wallace – also founded the Women Who Want Change personal empowerment programme 17 years ago and is passionate about the personal and professional development of women. Gayle is additionally the director of the company named after the programme Women Who Want Change Ltd.

Further information can be found at &

Meet The Team

Introducing the Team

Unravel & Unwind is a not for profit organisation based within INTRA in Rochester.

We are a creative community sharing skills,promoting emotional & social support and self-worth. Our visions is to continue to grow and expand but keep our “family feel” by sharing skills & knowledge in an inclusive and collaborative manner.

Faye – Unravel & Unwind is Faye’s creative baby. Inspired through revisiting crochet 3 years ago. You will often find Faye sitting at a computer wading through the emails, accounts and varying social media posts… and all with a ball of yarn and a hook in her lap. You can see examples of Faye’s work on Etsy and Hooking the Vintage Way.

Mark – Mark is Faye’s better half and a silent director in Unravel & Unwind CIC. When Mark isn’t playing dog sitter and taxi driver for the family he can often be found weaving paracord or building wire coils (it’s just a phase!).

Freya – Eldest daughter to Faye and regular volunteer at Unravel & Unwind when she isn’t studying music or modeling. Freya was the first to embark on the creative journey through sculpting with polymer clay which can be found on Wolfiesworks. Freya helps Unravel & Unwind CIC by managing the Etsy Store which is slowly growing.

Kieran – Otherwise known as Kron or Yeti, Kieran is our resident artist and keeper of the door. You can often find him in his corner of the studio creating stunning oil paintings. Kieran is hoping to start up some tutorial groups this year focusing on how to use different painting mediums.

Riven – Riven is our spark, she is often found holding Faye up and giving her the proverbial kick when Faye is slacking. You will often find the multi talented Riven guiding visitors through the journey of drawing skills and techniques, or hosting make up and special effect tutorials for budding performers.

Susan – Usually found under a pile of shredded pretty papers and pva glue spatula’s, Sue’s ability to transform vintage, dull objects into things of beauty is a sight to behold. Sue is spending her weekends attending craft fairs and markets around Kent promoting herself and our craft drop in facility. You will find Sue care-taking the drop in studio a few times a week.

Dee – Textile artist extraordinaire, Dee has a flare when it comes to fabric manipulation, felting and sculpting with paverpol. So whenever we need any fabric help, you’ll find us chatting with Dee.

Nelly – Nelly came to Faye’s rescue just recently. Nelly found U&U through coming along to Riven’s art classes and thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed and informal atmosphere. When Faye put a call out for help with the book keeping Nelly responded straight away. She tells us that she loves numbers and forms. Well, Faye doesn’t so that is rather handy.

Rachel – Rachel is the face behind Bette Love  and loves everything sewing related. She has been running basic, intermediate and advanced dressmaking classes at U&U, passing on her hints, tips, skills and more to all the sewing fans in Kent.

Tina – Crochet mad Tina has only just joined our team helping Faye to get the newsletter out every week. We do this using Skype and Email because Tina is on the other side of the Atlantic. We have been known to spend a lot of time scheduling around time zones, but hey we are getting there and you guys are receiving The Weekly Drop every week.

Cosplay Madness

What happens at Cosplay Madness?

cosplay madness

Freya & James began making an armoured breastplate for a Demon wings outfit. The breastplate is made from a material called Worbla, that once heated can be moulded into shape. Once cold it keeps its shape and is rigid too. A great way to create a realistic piece of armour; and it is lightweight too.

Livia was interested in creating a costume for a character called Sapphire, and was helped by The Singing Seamstress. The character is featured in Steven Universe (this is a new one for us). In addition, make up artist, Riven, did some speedy research on the character and came up with a make up solution that can be easily replicated by Livia.


Useful Links
Starcrossed Arts
The Singing Seamstress
Deadly by design

The Weekly Drop

Supporters Spotlight

Susie – Regular Drop in Visitor


This week we are talking to Susie one of our great supporters.   She was recommended to come along by her social worker, who supports her with her anxiety, almost a year ago and has been a regular attendee ever since.  “This has been one of my best decisions and has made such a positive change to my life”.

She had heard of crochet but didn’t really know much about it until our lovely Faye taught her the basics and she fell in love.  Since then she has developed her talents and is now making beautiful little Amigurumi* animals.  She hopes to make many more of these and set up a Facebook page to sell them – so watch this space!
*Amigurumi  is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, usually cute stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures.

Each week we try and interview one of our supporters for The Weekly Drop

Supporters Spotlight

Hooking The Vintage Way


This week we are talking about our very own founder of U&U – Faye.  As many know she is a very keen crocheter, learning the craft more than 3 years ago.

She has recently discovered a love for vintage crochet since inheriting almost 3 decades of vintage pattern books from her Grandmother.

Faye has decided that it is time to practice her skills and bring back the stylish and sophisticated looks of trimmings and accessories of the last century, sometimes using vintage yarns, but mostly using modern yarns making the delicate work timeless. You can check out her dedicated Facebook blog and discover more about her passion.

If vintage interests you then there are a few books still out there. Such as Flora Kilckmann’s “The Home Art of Crochet”, a series of 13 books dating from as early as 1912.

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Supporters Spotlight

Supporters Spotlight – Talent Match South East


TMSE clay gems

Back in February 2016, we hosted a delivery partner meeting for Talent Match South East, an organisation supported by The Prince’s Trust, for young people in South East England.

We are one of the delivery partners supporting additional needs using arts & crafts.
When I found out the hub meeting was going to be here at INTRA we decided that the partners were all going to have a go at crafting with Fimo polymer clay.

It was lovely to see the adults so animated and excited, a big difference from the usual corporate business meetings.


TMSE logo

Young people on Talent Match SE program may be eligible for free classes and drop in.

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Supporters Spotlight

Supporter Spotlight – Nicola


This week we are talking to Nicola.  She started coming to Unravel about 9 months ago, really wanting to learn how to embroider like her Nan used to. She had a fantastic idea of recording her progress in an embroidery book so she could see how she was getting on.

All these months later, her book is almost full and she has even framed some of her favourite projects.  She loves coming every week and says that it makes her feel calm and happy being here.

We are absolutely delighted to see how far she has come with her craft.and look forward to seeing her every Thursday morning.

 The Weekly Drop features news, hints and tips and more reflections from our supporters

Supporters Spotlight – KronTheMad

Supporter Spotlight

Kron Unravel

My name is Kron the Mad (Kieran to some). I’m an artist working out of Unravel & Unwind. I have also been a volunteer here for a year, which keeps me sane!

Due to the support and encouragement of everyone here I’ve taken the plunge and made the first tentative steps in trying to make a living out of what I love to do. To that end I’ve recently set up a profile on Redbubble adding my artwork to a wide array of products.

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Supporters Spotlight – Nelly

Supporter Spotlight


Hello everyone!
For those of you who receive our newsletter, you might have noticed that Unravel and Unwind has a new volunteer: Nelly… That would be me, so I thought I would briefly introduce myself to you.
6 years ago, I left my job to look after my daughter, Chloé. The last couple of years (as Chloé started going to pre-school and then school) I have discovered my love for arts and crafts. I mean, my looooooooove for arts and crafts: drawing, painting, sewing, knitting, crochet-ing, papiermache-ing, you name it! I constantly seem to have several crafty projects going on. A friend of mine told me about Riven’s drawing class (which I highly recommend whatever your experience in drawing) and that’s how I discovered Unravel and Unwind: a place dedicated to arts and crafts! Yeah!! And here I am! I will be mainly helping with the admin/social media aspect but you’ll probably see me around playing with the sewing machines, the knitting needles, the yarn…. anything I can get my hands on, really.

Hope to meet you soon!
Random fact about me: I love hats, all kind of hats!

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