Essential Oil rollerballs/blends

23/07/2017 - 14:00


How to make your own roller bottles and blends

Have you heard the buzz about Essential Oils??? Not sure where to start????

Would you like to know what to put in your roller bottles but it all seems too hard????

Join me and I will show you how to make roller bottles, what to make and why you make them??            Then you can MAKE your own roller bottles to take home!!!

A bit about me…. Hi, I’m Faye and I am addicted to my essential oils! I have seen them assist with challenges such as anxiety, depression, sleep issues, digestive issues, muscle strains & pain, immune support & skin irritations. Essential Oils can provide a natural alternative to cleaning and disinfecting your home or workplace and so much more!!!! I have literally made hundreds of roller bottles and there are so many ways you can customise them to what you want. I am excited to be able to show you how to make your own, where to find recipes and give you some useful tips.

And a bit about my oils…..

DoTERRA oils are hands down the best quality Essential Oils I have used. These oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, which means that there are no chemicals, fillers or toxins. They are a safe, efficient and totally natural way to support your well-being and of course your family’s too.

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