Can Draw, Will Draw with Riven Gray, £10.00

07/12/2017 - 17:00

Riven Gray is a local artist whose love of the subject is apparent in her classes. Being self taught means that she understands all the frustrations that you as an aspiring artist faces. Her classes are organised in a way that ensures that all the skills you need are covered in the first six weeks and then from that point onwards she guides you in such a way that allows you to discover your true potential.

Each class is informative and set out in a way that is easily accessible. From her experience of teaching and her understanding that each person learns in a different way she can adapt to your learning style quickly and often without you having to ask. Riven not only understands her subject but her studentstoo. One of the joys of Riven’s classes is the informal structure as she firmly believes that to learn and truly love what you do comes from having fun and being relaxed. Everything, no matter how odd it may seem is done to not only build your skill but to help improve your confidence and self belief.

One of Riven’s main aims is to help you to engage with your imagination, and to show you that everyone can draw. She also dispels all the barriers coming between you and your goal, explaining why you believe you can’t draw and making you realise not only that you can but have always been able too.

Each class is £10.00 per week

Riven takes time getting to know you and your goals, and also for you to get to know your materials and learn how to engage your creative centre. The class starts with the most fundamental drawing style, including still life; you learn the techniques you will need in the following weeks. From shading through to composition, your understanding will start to grow as will your confidence. As the weeks progress you move on to landscape and how to approach it, from discovering how to make a good composition and how to play with moods and feelings, you start to see how simple touches can make a great picture.

INTRA is within walking distance of Rochester train station and Chatham bus station. Please note, our venue is a rather beautiful Art Deco building with some accessibility issues. If you have specific access or disability requirements and would like to participate in the event please let us know at least 5 days before the event date so that we can do our utmost to resolve any potential problems to accommodate. There are ample “pay and display” parking spaces along the high street as well as a short stay & long stay “pay and display” car park near the new Rochester Riverside development. Please be mindful of local business and residents when parking, Unravel & Unwind cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to vehicles.

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.