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During the past few months it has become increasingly important to us all to maintain some kind of social normality. I don’t know about you, but if I didn’t have regular contact with friends from the creative community I think I would have begun to go just a little stir crazy. That is why we at Unravel & Unwind chose to set up 2 free weekly events. We invite you to join us online for either Thursday craft & chat or Mindful Monday. Two very different video call events and we welcome you to one or other, or even both. Please do read on for more information on both and we look forward to meeting you there soon. 
Faye & Sy

Thursday Craft & Chat

Our craft & chat event is held every Thursday morning if you would like something a lot more social. From 10am to Noon, our team get together for a couple of hours of chatting and crafts with like-minded people from Unravel & Unwind in Rochester, Kent and Rainbow Valley from Chatteris, Cambridgeshire.

These sessions take place using Zoom video conference calls, and are free to participate. Everyone is welcome, and having your own video on is purely optional. However, we do really enjoy seeing each others projects even the unfinished ones. The craft and chat calls are social and informal, and you can take part from where ever you may be. For example, I go live from the top deck of my boat so everyone gets a lovely view of a flowing river and rolling hills as my backdrop. 

Mindful Monday

Take some time out at the start of your week with some mindful crafts. Mindful Monday is a time of quiet & silent contemplation while working on a creative activity that helps you to feel calm and content. We encourage you to choose some ambient music to listen to while taking part.

We have chosen to share our video only because we know that people have different tastes in audio. The reason we share this time with you is to make an appointment with yourself/ourselves to practice mindfulness. Zoom allows Sy & Faye to keep each other accountable as we start our week. We hope that knowing we are there that it will help you to keep an appointment with yourself by joining us.

Mindful Monday is not an interactive, social event. The purpose of the event is to hold a time and space for mindfulness practice and we share video of our chosen activity for the purpose of providing ideas of activities to try. Sharing your own video is optional, but it we do enjoy seeing what others are working on.

This activity takes place online via Zoom, link is up top, just follow the instructions below.

Step 1: choose a mindful activity

Step 2: choose some calming ambient music, here is an example

Step 3: log into zoom, aim your camera device to your desk (if you are able)

Step 4: Join the meeting at 10am (UK) ; Check Facebook page for details and mute your microphone

Step 5: Enjoy a relaxing start to your week. The call is for just 1 hour

We also have drop-in/craft & chats Monday to Friday via our Patreon page for less than a take-away coffee per month.

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