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Hello fellow land mammals, this mostly brand new blog (I’ve been a bit slow at getting it up and running, sorry) is a little extra that Unravel and Unwind wanted to put together to say a bit more, as there’s only so much that can be said on most social media without it being cut off or clumped up into a block of unmanageable text.

It means a more personal an thorough description of what’s going on with us, text that visually reads better and a (un)healthy smattering of my unhinged ramblings as my brain struggles to fuse together concepts that should in no way be near each other.

On that note I should point out that I am not the wonderful Faye Lamb but in fact Kron (or Kieran if you must) the door Yeti/ Yeti blogger.

I this is an old picture, I have since adopted a ponytail.
I this is an old picture, I have since adopted a ponytail.

I will endeavour to keep you entertained, informed and slightly bewildered as I work on this blog and will hopefully see you at one of Unravel and Unwind’s drop-in sessions as detailed in the sidebar, or one of our many workshop classes, like the upcoming Keepsake Bears and Bunnies workshop.

Until then, happy crafting!

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