Throwback Thursday

Keepsake Bunnies

April 2015


20150414_21445120150414_213450 All these bunnies were handmade using memorable pieces of clothing or fabrics and were machine & hand sewn by Medway participants. For all of Unravel & Unwind’s classes visit our website or for shorter more general information sign up to our weekly newsletter.

A Demented Hermit’s Guide To Eastering

Bantam chicken and rabbit If you happen to be interested in creating your own bunny to celebrate this Easter, Unravel and Unwind run a Keepsake Bears and Bunnies workshop that will guide you, step by step, in creating a cuddly companion of your very own. Easter is a confusing and tumultuous time of year dominated by the hasty buying of chocolate eggs, rabbits in windows and churches simultaneously cashing in on the festivities while also trying to point out that none of it is relevant to how we should celebrate it. So I thought I’d clear a few things up, I have after all had plenty of time to think things over from my woodland cave after all, and give you the definitive guide to eternally confusing subject of Easter.
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