Funding workshops with Gayle Wallace


18 April & 2 May 7pm to 9pm £40

If you’re are perplexed by Proposals or baffled by bids, then this is 2 part workshop is for you!

This is subject 1 of a unique series of workshops designed for anyone who needs to get better at writing bids for funding or producing proposals for contract commissions.

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16 & 30 May 7pm to 9pm £40

If you feel overwhelmed by managing several projects at one time and at times it feels like you just get all the plates spinning nicely, only to find that one has unexpectedly dropped!

If you find it hard to know if you have captured, planned and managed all the potential risks in any project and lack confidence in having covered all the bases? Then this should have you project managing like a pro!

This unique two-part workshop will help you to effectively manage your work (no matter how many projects you have going at a time and furthermore, you will be able to quantify the value you have added to any initiative you are managing!

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13 & 27 June 7pm to 9pm £40

How do you know whether what you do is of value? Can you demonstrate the impact of your work? Do you know how to develop and improve your performance? Why does this matter?

Either as an organisation, relying on bidding for funds, or as a business, you are always, ‘only as good as your last job!’ Learning how to monitor what you do and evaluate how well it has gone are invaluable tools for increasing your likelihood of being successful in applying for grants from funding bodies or winning future contract commissions.

Run over two sessions this workshop will provide you with a sound understanding of the principles of monitoring, that will give you the key resources to gather the information that evidences your value.

You will learn how to evaluate your work in a way that is both meaningful to your professional development and service delivery but also demonstrates your ability to improve.

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Drawing on over 30 years of writing successful bids, providing grant funding for organisations, managing multi-layered projects from a £7,000,000.00 budget as well as successfully and continually writing work proposals for contracts with the Department of Health, Greater London Authority, Department of work and pensions, several Local Authorities, Estate Action, New Deal for communities, Sure Start Programmes, Single regeneration Bids Well Communities, Charities and many more. Gayle Wallace will give you a complete array of tools that you can use to either secure contracts as a business person or greatly improve your chances of successfully applying for funding to voluntary, statutory and charitable sector funders.


G.W Training & Consultancy Ltd is a consultancy and training organisation, delivering high-quality services across a range of areas. The director Gayle Wallace has over 30 years of experience in providing Project management, research, impact assessment, training and facilitation for the Public, Private and voluntary sector.  Key to every aspect of G.W Training & Consultancy Ltd’s work is the level of personal and professional development offered to individuals and organisations ensuring that they are more empowered to fully take on new challenges and opportunities.

The director Gayle Wallace – also founded the Women Who Want Change personal empowerment programme 17 years ago and is passionate about the personal and professional development of women. Gayle is additionally the director of the company named after the programme Women Who Want Change Ltd.

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Discovering Papercrafts

Discover Papercraft!

With Happy Accident Studios

Cardmaking has been around for a long time, but if you feel you’re a bit late to the party, there’s no such thing! Discover Papercraft is designed to help you even if you have never made a single card before. If you’re acquainted with the basic skills of papercraft, but would like to do something a little different, we’ve got that too. There’s a little something for everyone!


In November and December, we started out from scratch– the absolute basics. We covered the use of a paper trimmer, matting and layering, and basic card layout ideas. 

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Can Draw? Will Draw!

Can Draw? Will Draw! – Goes through my mind regularly…


So how about you? And what can we do to help you?

Did you know that we run 3 regular art classes in Medway, Kent every week? And we have just added 3 more stand alone classes over 3 months too.

Want to know more? Keep reading

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Throwback Thursday

Keepsake Bunnies

April 2015


20150414_21445120150414_213450 All these bunnies were handmade using memorable pieces of clothing or fabrics and were machine & hand sewn by Medway participants. For all of Unravel & Unwind’s classes visit our website or for shorter more general information sign up to our weekly newsletter.

Throwback Thursday

Learn as we go – Felting

May 2015



This is from one of our experimental sessions. One photo and three different artist. We had a lot of fun during this session. Our felt group meet once a month and are peer led, rather than having a tutor. For up to date information of our groups and workshops subscribe to The Weekly Drop


Offer – 10 FREE Sessions


Happy 2nd Birthday Unravel & Unwind

UnravelUnwind painted

10 Free drop in Sessions available

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the opening of the drop in studio we would love to offer one lucky person 10 pre-paid drop in sessions (worth £30.00), but there is just one little thing we would like you to do first to qualify for the offer.

The Weekly Drop

the weekly drop

We launched The Weekly Drop in January 2016, a small newsletter with upcoming details for the next 7 days and a quick round-up of the previous weeks events, hints, tips, book reviews and news.

To qualify for the FREE drop in sessions all we ask of you is to SUBSCRIBE to The Weekly Drop anytime between now and Friday 18 March 2016. One lucky subscriber will be randomly chosen during our birthday party.


*t&c – This offer is not valid for classes or workshops and can only be used for the craft drop in sessions that are valued at £3.00 each. Held at Unravel & Unwind CIC, INTRA, 337-341 High Street, Rochester, Kent, ME1 1DA

Here’s what you think of us – 2016

Thank you for taking part in our recent survey (you can still take it here). We thought it would be nice to share some of the outcomes with you all.

Obviously some of the suggestions such as parking are out of our control, but we have taken on board the heating issue and are doing our very best to make it more comfortable.

It was really lovely to see such high responses to quality of service, venue and recommendations to friends & family – Thank you very much indeed.

We wish to take this opportunity to share some of the written responses with you too.

How has Unravel & Unwind CIC helped you?

  • “Learning a new technique or craft within a friendly atmosphere is always a very positive thing to do.”
  • “Gives me a reason to get out the house”
  • “Mental health has improved”
  • “Regular friendly place to socialise, making lots of fabulous people and good friends”
  • “Happy knowing your there and I can come down whenever I want to”

Other Comments

“Because I have high anxiety I find it very hard to go to new places but coming to unravel and unwind was the best thing I ever made myself do. The name itself has so many different meanings. For me it’s somewhere I can do my drawing or crafty ideas (if I can get past the chatting and drinking tea stage! haha) or just sit and chat and have a laugh. For me it’s a lovely place with such lovely people and i would so recommend others to go.”

“It’s become a huge part of my life – it’s my feel good place where I can teach and learn all whilst enjoying myself. Everyone is welcome and all needs and abilities are catered for.”

“Faye, your amazing and always on my list if need someone to talk to when down, I wouldn’t be half the person I am now if I hadn’t met you, keep going and you will always have my support!”

Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement, it really is you guys who keep me going ~ Faye


“I think the courses were both excellent. They should be much wider publicised. I have recommended you to friends, only to be met with blank looks. They had no idea you were there!” ~ We do try hard on this and have a limited budget. However, the volunteer team should all be sharing events more widely on social media, which should make a difference.

“It would be a concern to me if U&U was not there as it does so much for the community, and thank you for my bear” ~ We are always on the lookout for extra funding sources to help keep U&U CIC going.

 For more details and information about life at Unravel & Unwind CIC, join our mailing list for The Weekly Drop.

Getting Crafty For Beginners


For some people, getting into arts and crafts can seem a bit of daunting prospect; material cost, learning the basic skills to create the various things buzzing around in your head and figuring out exactly what you’d like to try first can all appear to be insurmountable barriers.

Trust me though, they aren’t.

If you’re looking to learn some new skills, or just polish up some rusty ones, I have some good news for you. Continue reading “Getting Crafty For Beginners”

Upcycled Memory Shirt tutorial


20151126_114535 20151126_114514





How to make a shirt into a cushion cover

This will be my first tutorial, so do please bear with me. I was asked last week if I could turn some shirts into cushion covers. Of course I said yes, it can’t be hard to do. Then I was asked to ensure that the shirts stay intact. Continue reading “Upcycled Memory Shirt tutorial”