Tunisian Tuesday CAL

#TunisianTuesdayCAL Week 17a – Block 9


Although this block is one of the easier ones to make and there are no errors, I did find that it came out really tight. I ended up using a size larger hook.

If you do not have a larger Tunisian hook, don’t worry. As the blocks are so small, you can use a regular hook. Just take care that the stitches do not fall off the other end.

#TunisianTuesdayCAL Week 18 – Block 10


A nice easy one this time, just TSS and chain. Faye’s notes also say “very easy, finished in 40 minutes”

#TunisianTuesdayCAL Week 18a – Block 7


Helen has to confess, she did not like this block. She could not get into a rhythm and it took her ages to make. It did not help that you have to flip back and fore between pages. Read the instructions carefully.

Faye, however totally forgot to keep notes on this block other than she only did 15 rows.

Please post your blocks in the Rainbow Valley Crochet Facebook group when you have made it and let us know if you are happy for us to share your photos. If you would like to join in with the #TunisianTuesdayCAL there is more information at http://www.enfys.me.uk/english/tutorial/tunisian-cal.htm

Don’t forget to read the rest of the post as there are hints/tips, photographs, group feedback and information about the NEW Rainbow Valley Crochet design that is being released in January 2017.

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