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Have you discovered Ravelry yet? It is a FREE wonderful repository of knitting & crochet patterns from all over the world.

Library view
Library view

You can search from literally thousands of patterns in both knitting and crochet, free and for purchase, from all over the world. When you find patterns that interest you it’s very easy to store them in your own online library for future reference.

You can also use your free account as a virtual portfolio. A

place to record other projects that you have made, adding details such as where you found the patterns, the yarn you used and where you purchased it, and even uploading the photographs of your makes.

Project library
Project library

In addition, you can search for your friends, join online forums and send messages to each other. It’s the “Facebook” for yarn addicts. Go check it out today, I highly recommend Ravelry as a great tool for getting started, especially if you’re anything like me and have no idea what to make first.

I now use Ravelry to store new project ideas, a little like Pinterest. For example, I want to make a good sized Tinkerbell in the future. So I used the in depth search options to find a variety of Tinkerbell patterns with images. Rather than work from those patterns I will use the photographs as reference points to make just the exact one I am looking for. And who knows, a day may come where you will find patterns written by yours truly, Faye aka Luminesence.


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