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Rewarding Volunteers with a Time Credit. It’s a “thank you” for getting involved in your local community & giving time in a voluntary way to help others. You can earn Time Credits for all kinds of activities – such as helping at an event, supporting others or sharing skills and experiences.

Medway Time Credits are a way of thanking those who give their time to their local community.

They can be earned by anyone who contributes their time to the Medway community and be spent on various activities, including creative drop-in or specific workshops at Unravel & Unwind C.I.C, sports and fitness at Thinking Fitness, Chatham or the annual Quiz Night or Fashion Show at Manage Your Mind. They can also be spent at various venues in London.

Earn Time Credits as volunteers with Unravel & Unwind C.I.C

We have several opportunities within our creative organisation that will enable you to earn Time Credits. Some of the area’s that we are looking for voluntary help include;

Creative blog post content; social media marketing & content, bookkeeping, annual accounting, marketing material (creating & printing), funding applications, workshop facilitators, Batik teacher (material & equipment provided) and much more. Ideas are always welcome.

How volunteers can use your Time Credits


You can spend your Time Credits in Medway, London or other places int the UK, to access a gym, museum and many other activities, including workshops and creative sessions here at Unravel & Unwind. Have a look at www.justaddspice.org for places to earn and spend your Time Credits.

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Welcome to Spice Time Credits – A way to reward Volunteers in the community

Spice is a charity who have developed Time Credit projects across the UK as a tool for building stronger communities. For every hour of time a person donates towards improving their local community, volunteers (all ages) receive 1 Time Credit in recognition of their contribution. These Time Credits can be saved and spent accessing a wide range of activities both in local communities and at over  700 UK partner venues, including Unravel & Unwind.

Just Add Spice

For full details on how Time Credits work, where you can earn and spend them, see the Medway Time Credits Menu

If you have skills you would like to share with your community please do let us know.

More information on Time Credits

Smitha Campbell
Medway Time Credits Project Manager
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