Treble The Trouble

Episode 7

Treble The Trouble with UKCA & CE Testing

Treble The Trouble is a new video podcast chat show with crochet designers, Faye, Helen and Amanda.

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We have teamed up with crochet designers, Helen & Vicky to bring you a new video chat show. The show starts in January 2021. It will air to our Patreon supporters on the 3rd Thursday of the month. It will be later released to the public on our YouTube channel.

The show will be recorded via Zoom. We live in 3 different counties. Covid-19 is still making it difficult to meet up.

What can you expect?

  • Yarn talk
  • Crochet chats
  • Inspiration
  • Beginner friendly
  • Hints & tips
  • Personality
  • and a lot of laughter

All the resources from the shows can be found here

Meet the hosts

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