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Faye Lamb – Crochet Designs

Crochet designer, Faye, was taught to crochet & knit as a child by her Grandmother, who also made sure that Faye was able to follow and replicate patterns. Faye didn’t really enjoy the hobby when she was young, as there was always something better to do…

Faye says…

…But, I came back to the craft in 2013 to give myself a break from internet job searches. I had spent a couple of years prior to that recovering from a CFS/ME collapse at work and was finding it increasingly difficult to get employment.

During the first few months I made a promise to myself that I would practice every day and become proficient enough that I would someday teach others to crochet. I achieved that goal by opening Unravel & Unwind in March 2014.

It was at this time that I met Helen from Rainbow Valley Crochet. I needed someone to teach me advanced skills as I had quickly outgrown the beginner patterns and I wanted new challenges.

As a result of Helen’s mentoring, advanced techniques and unique pattern constructions I have been able to expand my knowledge base much farther than my Grandmother thought possible. She would tell me that “the student has surpassed her tutor”, and I am proud to say that with Helen’s faith in my ability and my Grandmothers encouragement I became a designer in 2017.