What Makes U&U C.I.C great?

We recently asked our users to answer the question “What do you think makes Unravel & Unwind great?” The answers were put into our suggestion box in the studio, anonymously. Today I would like to share some of those answers with you.

Thank you to everyone who contributed the following testimonials…



“A sense of community and family”

“A fun environment and has a relaxed atmosphere”

“Friendly relaxing atmosphere”

“Friendly, communicative and good to meet new people”

“It is welcoming to all and has a wide range of interesting classes”

“It’s a warm and loving environment”

“Really nice social atmosphere that gets you out of the house”

“I can be myself (lowering the tone each week), can embrace my crafting in a lovely little community”


Aztec & Every care clients had the following to say when Faye asked them the same question:

“The great volunteers; fun; exciting; happy; friendly; liked making t-shirts, cups & bowls; support & teaching; teamwork; sewing; different people; tea; painting; colouring”.

And three answers were simply, Faye (but I don’t think that counts, do you? )

Finally, there is one more comment that I would like to share, just because it made us all laugh and smile

“There is a lack of giant lizards”

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