Unravel & Unwind – The Story


Unravel & Unwind; The Art of Love through The Art of Business
Self-discovery through a Creative Enterprise

An idea began to burn Faye’s brain day and night, keeping her awake. She had come to accept the unpredictable illness that is CFS & Fibro, and asked “what exactly am I supposed to be doing?” Then the roller-coaster of ‘coincidences’ began…starting with a beanie hat in the style of a Minion!Within six weeks she went from Jobseekers to New Enterprise Allowance, had a business plan, funding, set up a Facebook page & started officially trading as Unravel & Unwind C.I.C (Community Interest Company).This book shares how people came together through Creativity and of a deep soul healing that occurred through being with like-minded Crafters, in a way that most didn’t even know they needed.Not only is this a book for Creatives & Crafters but with its story of determination, positivity & hope you will be left in no doubt that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Thank you, it helps to know that you understand and I would hope that I could give hope and support to someone else too ? Reading your book brings me comfort and as you know it is real stories, it really does make a difference – a ‘real’ persons account – a lot of these self help books leave you feeling worse as you feel you wont be able to achieve what they have, but yours… and they way you write it… it’s from the heart and does not judge or make you feel ‘less’. That’s a great thing to be able to do… and of course there is the practical aspect to your book too ? there is a lot packed in there – I am so glad that you decided to write it – truly x – June

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Faye, I LOVED your book what a lovely read – Making your dreams become a reality. I take my hat ? off to you. Bringing so much joy to other people’s lives – Karen

Congratulations Faye! I’ve just read Unravel & Unwind- The Art of Love through the Art of Business, Self-discovery through a Creative Enterprise. Heart-warming, thought-provoking and well written. A delight to read. Proud to have spent a little time with you on your writing journey! Fabulous! Very inspiring and truly deserves to be a bestseller! – Gayle


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Unravel & Unwind C.I.C is a not for profit community organisation registered with Companies House UK


About Faye;

Faye Lamb has become a social entrepreneur through her experiences with chronic pain and unemployment. Not wanting to be labelled as a scrounger she took on all the aspects of her background in teaching support, retail, self-employment, and the volunteer sector to build a safe creative community. With a strong belief structure in spirituality and faith, she brings a laugh and a smile with a hug to all who meet her through Unravel & Unwind C.I.C. Faye lives in North Kent with partner, Mark, two daughters and their German Shepherds. When Faye isn’t crafting with wool, felt and fabric she is spending time chilling in the countryside and discovering new places through geocaching or hatching new idea’s and skills to add her growing list of interests.