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Crafty Tips and Hints

One of our followers found these amazing books on crochet and knitting – direct from Japan Click here. These are great if you are a chart follower, as charts uses a universal language unlike written patterns across the world.

Pomadour24’s Craft Cafe not only has a large range of knitting and crochet patterns, you can also find sewing and felting alongside beading, embroidery and patchwork. A great resource that needed to be shared.


Photo source: Pomadour24

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Crochet Symbols Photo source: DMC


Throwback Thursday

Keepsake Bears

April 2015











All these bears were handmade using memorable pieces of clothing or fabrics and were machine & hand sewn by Medway participants. For all of Unravel & Unwind’s classes visit our website or for shorter more general information sign up to our weekly newsletter.

Crafty Links we have found

Knitting on a Grand Scale

Source: Pinterest

Are you addicted to socks like our Unraveller’s group? Then why not try out one of 16 ways to knit a heal that dropped into our suggestions box.

If you try any of these, please do let us know by sharing on our Facebook page. We love to see what other creatives are making around the globe.

I know winter is quite a long way off but we are in England and it feels like winter everyday. Another follower sent this link over for knitting chunky blankets. There are several pages to the article and you have to click the “continue” button a few times before you get to the tutorial so I have done the hard work for you.

Tutorial for knitting the blanket is here

Tutorial to make the roving is here

You can purchase the roving here and the pattern is here

Is giant knitting your thing? There’s one more tutorial that we’ve found and it’s a beginners guide to arm knitting. Yes you read that right, Arm Knitting.


Source: Buzztache

Throwback Thursday


Supported Adults group love trying out all sorts of crafts, but their favourite is creating themed murals for the studio walls. This one from 2015 was themed around zoo life and even featured Elvis as the zoo keeper.

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Recycled Paper Bowl

The short version of this recycled paper video has been our most viewed post on Facebook, so I decided wouldn’t it be nice to share it again.

There is no need to ever throw away old newspapers (or magazines). Just recycle them into ornate and usable bowls/vessels. Don’t forget to bling them up a bit in your favourite colours.

And if you have had a go at making one of these, then why not send us over an image.

The video is in Spanish (or a similar language), but as it’s a tutorial video it is easy enough to watch with no sounds. Enjoy this crafty project.

Paper bowl

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Cosplay Madness

What happens at Cosplay Madness?

cosplay madness

Freya & James began making an armoured breastplate for a Demon wings outfit. The breastplate is made from a material called Worbla, that once heated can be moulded into shape. Once cold it keeps its shape and is rigid too. A great way to create a realistic piece of armour; and it is lightweight too.

Livia was interested in creating a costume for a character called Sapphire, and was helped by The Singing Seamstress. The character is featured in Steven Universe (this is a new one for us). In addition, make up artist, Riven, did some speedy research on the character and came up with a make up solution that can be easily replicated by Livia.


Useful Links
Starcrossed Arts
The Singing Seamstress
Deadly by design

The Weekly Drop

Creating a Shining Year

My Shining Year


My Shining Year is a motivational focus tool designed for women (and creative goddesses), to get the most out of their life’s and businesses.

Unravel & Unwind have signed up to Leonie Dawson’s Shining Academy for 2016 and would like you to join them on the journey to having the best year ever. We are planning on meeting once a month, and started on 13 March, to focus on our lives and review goals & achievements together. Our aim is to create a motivational and mentoring group and work through the tasks and workbooks together, to create our best Shining Year.

Not forgetting our all important purpose for Unravel & Unwind CIC, and that is crafting. So at every session we will take part in a creative task that works alongside the goals and aims of Leonie’s workbooks.

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Crafty hints and tips

Crafty Tips and Hints


Interested in Amigurumi Animals? Our lovely supporter Susie recommends the following You Tube links to inspire you:

Happy Berry Crochet

Bella Coco Crochet

You don’t always need to use brand new yarns, why not check out your local charity stores for cashmere sweaters that you can rip out and reuse the yarn.

*Amigurumi  is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, usually cute stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures.

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Supporters Spotlight

Susie – Regular Drop in Visitor


This week we are talking to Susie one of our great supporters.   She was recommended to come along by her social worker, who supports her with her anxiety, almost a year ago and has been a regular attendee ever since.  “This has been one of my best decisions and has made such a positive change to my life”.

She had heard of crochet but didn’t really know much about it until our lovely Faye taught her the basics and she fell in love.  Since then she has developed her talents and is now making beautiful little Amigurumi* animals.  She hopes to make many more of these and set up a Facebook page to sell them – so watch this space!
*Amigurumi  is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, usually cute stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures.

Each week we try and interview one of our supporters for The Weekly Drop