How To Buy From Our Creatives

Beads 002At Unravel and Unwind we are blessed with a wealth of experienced artists and crafters as well as a growing number of those making their first steps into creating for both hobby and sale.

Many of our volunteers and regulars create fantastic things that you could own, we sell some of these items through our workshop but many have their own websites and store-fronts; today we’re going help you find out where to buy from and support these wonderful people.

Sue Carter

Sue Carter Decoupage 02

Sue is one of our regular volunteers and a service user, she’s often engaged in our workshops and having fun creating.
Her specialty though, is decopatch, breathing new life into a wide variety of quality objects using materials with history. Materials used in her process can range from vintage music sheets to old vinyl records and everything created through this process has a unique look and feel to it.

Sue Carter Decoupage 01

While Sue doesn’t currently have an online store she will be exhibiting on the 16th and 17th of April at the Grain Storestudios as well as selling her work at the Teynham market on the first Saturday of every month.


Bernice Friend

Bernice is a wonderful lady that both volunteers at Unravel & Unwind as well as takes part in range of activities that we offer. Her speciality is hand crafting fantastic cloth-art dolls, each one is unique and personally named by Bernice. Bernice also has some of her beautiful dolls at the Grain Storestudios this weekend.

Bernice Dolls
Enquiries about her work can be made through Unravel and Unwind. Feel free to leave comments here or contact us through our Facebook Page or Email at: UnravelandUnwind@gmail.com



Riven is a volunteer and tutor at Unravel and Unwind,  she teaches a wide variety of drawing and painting skills and specialises in portraiture.

Riven Gray TG

She has recently opened a Redbubble account, where you can buy various prints of her work. Riven can also be reached for commission and private sale through her artist page on Facebook.

Riven Gray SGR
Finally if you want to learn from her, Riven teaches comprehensive drawing and art classes on Thursday evenings, Saturdays mid-day as well as portraiture, bookable though Unravel and Unwind.


Freya is a talented model, singer and sculptor who volunteers at Unravel and Unwind as well as running workshops on polymer clay sculpting.

Her sculpting and unique accessory crafting can be bought through the Wolfiesworks Facebook page, the Unravel and Unwind Etsy store as well as at the physical Unravel and Unwind address (also most places we might be invited to exhibit).

You can find more on her modelling at her Facebook model page,  her Purpleport Profile as well as purchase prints of her modelling and photography portfolio from Redbubble.

Freya Polmer 01



Dee ScarfDee is a textile artist and volunteer at Unravel & Unwind who specialises in fabric manipulation and sculpture and is also skilled in fashion design and sewing skills.
She can be reached through her artist page on Facebook  and Twitter for commissions and tutoring.
Her online store can be found on Etsy.

Dee is also available at Unravel and Unwind on alternating Wednesdays, feel free to get in touch at either ours or Dee’s pages for more information.

Dee Fabric examples




Faye ProfileFaye is the owner of Unravel and Unwind, the creator of Hooking The Vintage Way and our crochet instructor.
As of this posting she’s been operating Unravel and Unwind as a community arts and craft drop-in for just over 2 years and has expanded our reach and range of services consistently since opening.
Alongside running Unravel and Unwind and teaching classes, Faye also crochets to order and sells; both her own creations and a selection of items crafted by our volunteers, through Unravel and Unwind’s Etsy page.
Faye Collection
In addition there is also her Redbubble store which sells a variety of art and photography for print on demand.
for more information on events and classes check out our events page on Facebook or simply send a message if you’re looking to get something made to order.



Mark is hubby to Faye, the source of transport, impromptu dog visits and sudden acts of shelving.
Mark makes survival bracelets, watch straps and other interesting creations from paracord; all sold through the Unravel and Unwind store front and our Etsy page.

Mark Para Collection


Kate Stanford

Kate Business CardMade With Love Bears 01Kate makes keepsake bears and crochet toys and one of a kind stuffed animals.
Keepsake bears can be made from a wide variety of materials to perfectly capture precious memories.

Kate’s creations can be found at Made With Love Bears on Facebook and there is a site in the works so keep a lookout on her page or check back here for updates.





Kron Painting 02Kron is a large hairy woodland creature of myth and legend that discovered the delights of caffeine, high speed internet and painting on things other than cave walls with materials that weren’t made from… unpleasant things.
He currently volunteers at Unravel and Unwind, with a number of paintings available at their physical location and Etsy page, he also has art available on his own Etsy store and a wide variety of print-on-demand products on Redbubble.
Kron can also be contacted through his artist page on Facebook for information and commission.

Kron 4


Helen Free

Rainbow Valley Crochet

Helen is a very talented lady who not only creates fantastic things using crotat and crochet; but also designs and sells patterns and teaches the skills necessary to make your own.
Helen runs Rainbow Valley a site that supplies everything a yarn addict could desire and is now also selling her designs on Love Knitting.
Helen 4
The Rainbow Valley Crochet Facebook page is a great way to keep up to date on her activities and as a point of contact for information and requests.


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