Monday Morning Chit Chat 14/11/2016

Morning Chit Chat 14 Nov 2016

Just in case you haven’t already heard we are now streaming live on Monday mornings at 10:30 GMT/BST on our Facebook page. During our streams we will be covering up coming events, news, show & tell and anything else that grows organically from the stream.

We have also chosen to record the streams so that other peeps on the internet can watch the playbacks. These recordings will be available on our YouTube channel and of course over here too. So without further ado, here is our first ever live stream from the Unravel & Unwind studio.


Kaela’s Adventure

Learning how to use movie maker and YouTube



My daughter, Leah and I had a bonding evening last night. Both of us were having a pretty rough hyper-mobility day and we wanted to cheer ourselves up.

I had mentioned wanting to learn how to use movie maker to create videos that we can share on YouTube that are relevant to everything Unravel & Unwind C.I.C stands for. Most of all, just having a laugh and enjoying ourselves.

The Characters

A while ago, Leah had been folding paper into animal shapes and had left them knocking around the studio. This was perfect for us, as Leah immediately jumped into story writing mode and had me hunting through our vast card stock to find pieces to make a background.

We did have a good giggle, and I must have used at least 2 phone batteries. Once the photographs had been taken we then had the task of cropping out our fingers and uploading them to the laptop. That was when we realised that I had no movie/video software, so I had to hunt out Windows Movie Maker.

Cheeky unexpected snap

Movie maker was a lot cheaper than I expected too. It came in at around £25.00 which I think is a fair investment as we plan to make a lot of our own video’s, especially tutorials and live streams.

So after a few hours of writing, cutting, arranging, photographing, cropping, giggling (and oh I don’t know what else), we finally had a very short video that we were both happy with. Oh and we were able to find some backing tracks too, courtesy of Purple Planet Music.

Not too shabby for total novices.

Please enjoy and we welcome all feedback,

From Faye & Leah

REALLY excited about this…

How to create your own shining biz and life!

Need help transforming 2017 into an incredible year for your life or biz?

The 2017 Create Your Shining Year Biz & Life workbooks and brand spankin’ new weekly planner are incredibly popular & useful tools to help you plan out & make happen your most incredible year in life or business (or both!).

Over the last seven years, thousands of women have used these goals workbooks with the most amazing results. It’s the best planning tool available to help you make your year your most exceptional yet!

Used by entrepreneurs, artists, mamas, creatives, coaches, teachers and women of all ages, the Creating Your Shining Year workbooks + daily planner are filled with powerful worksheets to help you create your amazing new year.

You are now able to purchase your 2017 bundles . I can also confirm our dates for our group meets and Lesley has been putting together a plan for topics. If there is a specific topic area you are interested in then do please let us know.

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Tunisian Tuesday CAL

#TunisianTuesdayCAL Week 17 – Block 28


#TunisianTuesdayCAL Week 17 – Block 28.

More bobbles and chain loops.  These chain loops are much easier to make that the ones we made in week 4.  When working past the chain loops in the next row, double check that you have picked up the correct vertical bars, it is easy to either miss some or pick extra.

Please post your blocks in the Rainbow Valley Crochet Facebook group when you have made it and let us know if you are happy for us to share your photos. If you would like to join in with the #TunisianTuesdayCAL there is more information at

Handy Hint

Finding the last stitch

We were asked “Hi, does anyone know what I keep doing wrong with the end stitch of the squares please?”

By going to the very edge and picking up the last two strands you should still have 23 stitches. Just follow the above image left to right/top row/bottom row and you should be good to go.


Don’t forget to read the rest of the post as there are hints/tips, photographs, group feedback and more.

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Tunisian Tuesday CAL

#TunisianTuesdayCAL – Week 6


Two new things for you to learn this week – a new stitch and changing colours.

Bearing in mind that this is a US pattern, the dc-lp (double crochet-loop) is basically a tr (treble) version of the TSS, The colour changes are done at the edges and you don’t have loads of ends to sew in as the unused colours are carried up the sides.

Don’t forget that we are posting our finished blocks in the comments on Rainbow Valley Crochet, along with some helpful information.

Please share your blocks on Facebook when you have made it. If you would like to join in with the #TunisianTuesdayCAL there is more information here and a tutorial here.

Helen says – I found this one quick and easy. The dc-lp stitches make it grow a lot faster. Mine is the same as in the pattern.

Faye says – I am still having to add a little extra to make mine square. This time only 1 extra row before binding off.

2016-08-16 13.43.042016-08-16 13.43.27

Don’t forget to read the rest of the post as there are hints/tips, photographs, group feedback and more.

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Throwback Thursday

Keepsake Bunnies

April 2015


20150414_21445120150414_213450 All these bunnies were handmade using memorable pieces of clothing or fabrics and were machine & hand sewn by Medway participants. For all of Unravel & Unwind’s classes visit our website or for shorter more general information sign up to our weekly newsletter.

Tuesday Tips

Looking for a special gift?

Check out our spring/summer window display, showcasing our very own Susan’s decopatch vases hand decorated and available for purchase on the Unravel & Unwind Etsy page

Decopatch Photo source: Unravel & Unwind

You will not only find work from Susan, but also paintings by the talented Riven and Kron the Mad alongside the textile work of Faye and Dee and miniature sculptures by Wolfiesworks. So no matter the occasion there is sure to be something just for you and at affordable prices too. Visit Unravel & Unwind CIC for more details, commissions, events and more. Alternatively you can sign up to our weekly news.

Throwback Thursday

Learn as we go – Felting

May 2015



This is from one of our experimental sessions. One photo and three different artist. We had a lot of fun during this session. Our felt group meet once a month and are peer led, rather than having a tutor. For up to date information of our groups and workshops subscribe to The Weekly Drop


Tuesday Tips

Crafty Tips and Hints

One of our followers found these amazing books on crochet and knitting – direct from Japan Click here. These are great if you are a chart follower, as charts uses a universal language unlike written patterns across the world.

Pomadour24’s Craft Cafe not only has a large range of knitting and crochet patterns, you can also find sewing and felting alongside beading, embroidery and patchwork. A great resource that needed to be shared.


Photo source: Pomadour24

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Crochet Symbols Photo source: DMC


Crafty Links we have found

Knitting on a Grand Scale

Source: Pinterest

Are you addicted to socks like our Unraveller’s group? Then why not try out one of 16 ways to knit a heal that dropped into our suggestions box.

If you try any of these, please do let us know by sharing on our Facebook page. We love to see what other creatives are making around the globe.

I know winter is quite a long way off but we are in England and it feels like winter everyday. Another follower sent this link over for knitting chunky blankets. There are several pages to the article and you have to click the “continue” button a few times before you get to the tutorial so I have done the hard work for you.

Tutorial for knitting the blanket is here

Tutorial to make the roving is here

You can purchase the roving here and the pattern is here

Is giant knitting your thing? There’s one more tutorial that we’ve found and it’s a beginners guide to arm knitting. Yes you read that right, Arm Knitting.


Source: Buzztache