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Learning how to use movie maker and YouTube



My daughter, Leah and I had a bonding evening last night. Both of us were having a pretty rough hyper-mobility day and we wanted to cheer ourselves up.

I had mentioned wanting to learn how to use movie maker to create videos that we can share on YouTube that are relevant to everything Unravel & Unwind C.I.C stands for. Most of all, just having a laugh and enjoying ourselves.

The Characters

A while ago, Leah had been folding paper into animal shapes and had left them knocking around the studio. This was perfect for us, as Leah immediately jumped into story writing mode and had me hunting through our vast card stock to find pieces to make a background.

We did have a good giggle, and I must have used at least 2 phone batteries. Once the photographs had been taken we then had the task of cropping out our fingers and uploading them to the laptop. That was when we realised that I had no movie/video software, so I had to hunt out Windows Movie Maker.

Cheeky unexpected snap

Movie maker was a lot cheaper than I expected too. It came in at around £25.00 which I think is a fair investment as we plan to make a lot of our own video’s, especially tutorials and live streams.

So after a few hours of writing, cutting, arranging, photographing, cropping, giggling (and oh I don’t know what else), we finally had a very short video that we were both happy with. Oh and we were able to find some backing tracks too, courtesy of Purple Planet Music.

Not too shabby for total novices.

Please enjoy and we welcome all feedback,

From Faye & Leah

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