Supporters Spotlight

Hooking The Vintage Way


This week we are talking about our very own founder of U&U – Faye.  As many know she is a very keen crocheter, learning the craft more than 3 years ago.

She has recently discovered a love for vintage crochet since inheriting almost 3 decades of vintage pattern books from her Grandmother.

Faye has decided that it is time to practice her skills and bring back the stylish and sophisticated looks of trimmings and accessories of the last century, sometimes using vintage yarns, but mostly using modern yarns making the delicate work timeless. You can check out her dedicated Facebook blog and discover more about her passion.

If vintage interests you then there are a few books still out there. Such as Flora Kilckmann’s “The Home Art of Crochet”, a series of 13 books dating from as early as 1912.

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