Tuesday Tips


Hello again everyone!! Finally back after a technical issue…

I thought i would look at Amigurumi. The Japanese art of knitting and crocheting little stuffed creatures. There is an interesting write up here.

ive always loved amigurumi. its cute, sometimes fiddly but i always find it alot of fun!

Faye taught me to crochet about 4 years ago which im very grateful for, but i found patterns for amigurumi on Pinterest and videos by HappyBerry Crochet and BellaCoco on Youtube.

The pictures in the post are some things that ive made over the past few years…

Sy told me about a lovely book called Mr Funkys Super Crochet Wonderful. I found it on Amazon if anyone is interested.

Honestly if  you can try amigurumi then do. its great!!

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