Life in a day 2020

Just for fun we took part in the Life in a Day 2020 project that is being compiled, documented, produced & edited by Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald.

Landscapes using Fountain pen ink

Creating mini landscape pictures using one fountain pen ink colour and a bleach solution. Follow us on;Patreon: Tok: @unravel_unwind   […]

Getting crafty In Lockdown

First I would like to apologise for being so quiet for so long. Lockdown has taken its toll and has affected mental health in our home so I had to make that a priority. Even though it didn’t affect my crafting, it has meant that I haven’t blogged for ages and I’m sorry

Getting together Online

During the past few months it has become increasingly important to us all to maintain some kind of social normality. I don’t know about you, but if I didn’t have regular contact with friends from the creative community I think I would have begun to go just a little stir crazy. That is why we at Unravel & Unwind chose to set up 2 free weekly events.


Hello to all you lovely crafty people… I know it feels like forever since i last did a blog and with everything […]


Hello again everyone!! Finally back after a technical issue… I thought i would look at Amigurumi. The Japanese art of knitting and […]