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Now Watch Me WIP….

Once Upon A Cable

WIP:  Crafter’s Code for Work In Progress.

Some WIPs never die; and by die, I mean finish!  This one is finally in a place where I can consider it finished!

This pattern is called Once Upon A Cable and I bought it on Ravelry.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it, but I just knew that I wanted to try the pattern.  I chose an Aran Yarn and set about making my foundation row, and it was quite wide.  It was taking a longer time than I wanted to spend on it, and the fabric it made (because of my yarn choice) was very stiff.  So not really ideal for a wrap, so I decided that this version would suit a soft furnishing of some type.  I decided to experiment with colour changes (because I ran out of yarn!) and it became pink, turquoise and off-white.  I decided to roll it up on the short sides and make it into a bolster cushion.  I have made circular end panels and crocheted them to the short edge in the final round.  It was a great project, but as it goes for many of my WIPs, I am happy to see it finished so I can move on to something else!  I have had this one on the go for years!

Amanzi Block

From Start to Finish in One Fell Swoop!

This WIP really never got a chance to sit abandoned.  I planned this project around scraps left over from the Secret Garden CAL.  I bought the Amanzi Block pattern after seeing quite a lot of it on Instagram.  There is an impressive array of stitches in this pattern, and it is a little bit confusing sometimes in how it is written.  A few times, I have had to refer to the accompanying YouTube videos.  I’m very happy that this extra guidance was available, but my inner critic thinks that a pattern shouldn’t need this type of clarification if it is well written.  Still, this is a beautiful pattern and I will eventually make this into a cushion cover, but I consider this WIP finished!



My WIP List

List It!

If you crochet, you may fall into one of two categories:  Either you start one project at a time and finish one before moving on to the next, or like me, you have your hooks in many crochet pies and quite often lose track of just what you’re up to.  This is why I have put a list of WIPs in my diary.  My goal is to finish up as many of my WIPs as possible throughout the year.  I am trying to become the first type of crocheter.  I will tick off each WIP as I finish it, and also tick the months in which I worked on each project.


Wanna-Do List

What I Wanna-Do…

Of course, the need to plan new projects is omnipresent.  I have a little piece of paper taped to the page beside my checklist with things I “Wanna-Do.”  I already have the patterns for many of them and have set aside the yarn as part of my stash-busting process for the year.  It’s exciting to see.  I think I will be satisfied with my progress if I have one WIP on the go and one new project.  I am working now on a bolero I found on YouTube.  It’s going fast and it is again a stash-busting exercise– no new yarn has been purchased– but it wasn’t planned.  I just saw it, thought, “Hey, I bet this comes up fast!” and off I went to try it out.  I am nearly done a few days later!  After that, It’s back to the WIP list until it’s time to start the Kiss Me Quick CAL in March!


Of course, WIP can apply to other projects as well.  Have you got a WIP that you would like to share?  We’d love to see it.

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