Secret Garden comes to an end

Now the Secret is out…

“I am sure that you are all with me on saying a BIG Thank you to “The E Team”. Faye, Heather, Lesley and Moira have provided amazing support and I could not have done this without them. Thank you ladies.????for all of you and your favourite waiters.” – Helen

It goes without saying that  I don’t think any of the team could have survived the CAL if it hadn’t been for the encouragement of dear ole Johnny and the support from the handsome Jason, who did try and join the group. Unfortunately we didn’t let him in because he hadn’t  bought the pattern.


As someone who asked many questions, thank you all for your patience….even if you are answering the same question for the 4,375,987 time 🙂. All of you (Helen included,) did a great job, many many thanks 🙂 – Moira






Do you feel like you may not be experienced enough to make the Secret Garden? Here are some words of encouragement from those who have finished.

The most used bit of advice

I’d only been crocheting a year when I started this. Explanations are step by step. Read it really carefully stitch by stitch and you’ll be fine. You’ll learn loads and have such a sense of satisfaction when done. I found it more fiddly than difficult, easy stitches just in peculiar combinations. Honest. Good luck and have fun xx – Holly

Steph Anne

Not difficult, very time consuming but the result is amazing! Read the pattern carefully, count every single stitch and don’t be afraid to ask for help! 14 weeks, a couple of headaches, a letter to the tail fairy, offerings to the tail goddess and a few voodoo dolls and voila…. this little piece of art is done!!! Thank you Helen Free for this beauty, it’s been an incredible journey!! Cannot wait for Space Odyssey! Helen Free…. it’s Fall yet!- Rosanna


You ‘can’ achieve it. I’ve been crocheting for less than a year and completed it. It’s amazing. Follow all the advice above and ask for help if you need it. Best of luck and enjoy the learning journey x – Anne


I’m officially finished. My one bee I’ve made looked horrible, so I’ve cheated. Good luck to everyone on this beautiful journey and best wishes to all those done. This was a wonderful project. – D’Juana


Finished. Thank you, Helen for a delightful ride. Now I have some beading commissions to do before my next CAL. – Sandy


Slowly, slowly my garden starts to blossom  ? – Mary


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Rainbow Valley is supporting Lupus UK

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