Tuesday Tips

Another Crochet Blanket!

So I was at Unravel and Unwind today crocheting granny squares for my blanket and decided that i would make that the subject of today’s blog.

Even though I already have quite a few crochet blankets, I didnt see the harm in having another hehe.

I’ve already made quite a few squares. i will be repeating colours so that it will eventually cover my bed.

I decided to join the squares with double crochet, going through both loops of each stitch. I personally like the raised edge you get between the squares.

Me and black yarn have a love hate relationship haha. I always seem to come back to it though.

I will be doing regular updates on this blanket on my Instagram so if you’re interested you could pop over there and see the other things i make too.

Thats it for today. Will post again soon!

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