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Love For Australia

So something great happened today!

A group of 11 ladies came together at Intra to make pouches for those poor animals that were affected by the awful bush fires in Australia.

The event was set up by Sue Carter who has been in contact with ARCCG UK so the group know what is needed and how much.


As you can see these ladies have been working so hard!!! All the pouches are the large and extra large ones and just to give you an idea of how much they have made, there are…

69 sets of pouches cut out,

18 finished inner pouches,

15 finished outer pouches,

30 inner pouches left to sew,

6 outer pouches left to sew.

Thats a crazy amount of work!!

Sue is also holding another event in the Pentagon Centre on Saturday 25th so the pre cut pouches will be used then. As the events were organised before the stock take was announced, these pouches will be held until the stock take has finished.

I think these ladies should be very proud of themselves. Its such a lovely thing they are doing.

Well done all of you!


21/01/2020 at 23:26

Welcome, new blogger!!! So glad you’re here. Great coverage of the latest event, thank you!

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