Tunisian Tuesday CAL 


Week 9 – Block 25


This weeks block is all Tunisian Simple Stitch with some colour changes. There is a slight problem in the instructions for this one so please read the instructions in the comments carefully.

If you follow the instructions exactly you will end up with “clean” colour changes as in the example on the right.
If you want your block to look like the one in the pattern, you will need to put your stitches on the hook and take them off in the new colour. This makes the colours look like they have run into each other.

Helen comments – I did a total of 20 rows and changed colours after the forward pass, not at the end of the row as stated in the pattern text.

Faye comments – My block ended on 20 rows and as Helen explained, I was changing colour at the end of the row as per the written text and directions given under the special instructions.

Don’t forget to read the rest of the post as there are hints/tips, photographs, group feedback and more.

I came across this simple 3 minute tutorial that shows how to change colour for the reverse pass

See http://www.enfys.me.uk/english/tutorial/tunisian-knit.htm if you need more help.

Don’t forget that we are posting our finished blocks in the comments on Rainbow Valley Crochet, along with some helpful information.

Please share your blocks on Facebook when you have made it. If you would like to join in with the #TunisianTuesdayCAL there is more information here and a tutorial here.

Helen's square
Helen’s square
Cassie's square
Cassie’s square
Faye's square
Faye’s square

Group Feedback

Grace says “I have really enjoyed doing it, and like you know it doesn’t hurt my hands as much.” 

Jane Says – ‘I like being able to see the others’ squares and get advice when stitches look different to the pattern’

Lesley say’s “I love doing it, it is very relaxing even though I am still learning it. Holding the long hook at the end takes the strain off hands. Will certainly be looking for more patterns in Tunisian crochet Be interesting to find the origins.” 

Handy Hint


We were asked “Hi, does anyone know what I keep doing wrong with the end stitch of the squares please?”

By going to the very edge and picking up the last two strands you should still have 23 stitches. Just follow the above image left to right/top row/bottom row and you should be good to go.

The Continuous Join


#FollowonFriday  Here is the link to the continuous joining for the 5 blocks you have made so far.

Of course, you do not have to join them in the same order as I have and you don’t have to join them just yet if you would prefer to wait until you have made more.

You can download the tutorial from – Rainbow Valley Crochet website

You can find more information about the CAL and pattern here

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