Tunisian Tuesday CAL


Week 10 – Block 13


Helen's basketweave

This weeks block is a Basket weave. The bad news is that there is more Tunisian Purl Stitch in this one. The good news is that this is the last one with TPS in it.

Please post your block in the comments on Facebook when you have made it. If you would like to join in with the #TunisianTuesdayCAL ( or #FollowonFriday), you can find more information at http://www.enfys.me.uk/english/tutorial/tunisian-cal.htm


Faye's basketweave

Here is what Faye had to say about the basket weave block

“Here’s my basket weave block. I did have to add one extra row before binding off. I even blocked this one before photographing.”

Below you will find a YouTube video showing the basket weave stitch. Let us know if finding these videos help.


Week 11 – Block 29


This weeks block is similar to TSS but the hook is put in a different place. There are mistakes in it so please read the comments carefully.

wp-1474369837490.jpgRow 2 has chains in it. There are NO chains at all in this block. Do not do the Ch1 at the beginning or at the end of the brackets. Also, it is a little confusing as to where to insert the hook. Insert it in the “back bump” behind the bar. If you are still confused, I can post a picture later.

Helen also said “Once I had worked out how to do it, I really enjoyed this one. I did 17 rows as in the pattern.”

wp-1474369779355.jpgFaye said “My tension has finally settled down now and Helen has already explained the pattern issue. Once finished I realised that I really like the effect of this block, and it reminds me of waffles.”

Don’t forget to read the rest of the post as there are hints/tips, photographs, group feedback and more.

How many of you find that when you begin the first few rows have a habit of rolling. I found this interesting video that goes through several different techniques. I usually use the back bump of the chain when I start out anyway, so mine doesn’t curl too much .

The Continuous Join


#FollowonFriday  Here is the link to the continuous joining for the 5 blocks you have made so far.

Of course, you do not have to join them in the same order as I have and you don’t have to join them just yet if you would prefer to wait until you have made more.

You can download the tutorial from – Rainbow Valley Crochet website

You can find more information about the CAL and pattern here

Handy Hint

Finding the last stitch

We were asked “Hi, does anyone know what I keep doing wrong with the end stitch of the squares please?”

By going to the very edge and picking up the last two strands you should still have 23 stitches. Just follow the above image left to right/top row/bottom row and you should be good to go.

Group Feedback

Faye says “Taking part in the CAL and being one of the organisers has been great. I have learnt a whole new way to crochet that doesn’t aggravate my health issues half as much as regular crochet. It has also helped me to understand the mechanics of crochet in general and I have found vast improvements in my own work.”

Grace says “I have really enjoyed doing it, and like you know it doesn’t hurt my hands as much.” 

Jane Says – ‘I like being able to see the others’ squares and get advice when stitches look different to the pattern’

Lesley say’s “I love doing it, it is very relaxing even though I am still learning it. Holding the long hook at the end takes the strain off hands. Will certainly be looking for more patterns in Tunisian crochet Be interesting to find the origins.” 

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