Getting crafty In Lockdown

First I would like to apologise for being so quiet for so long. Lockdown has taken its toll and has affected mental health in our home so I had to make that a priority. Even though it didn’t affect my crafting, it has meant that I haven’t blogged for ages and I’m sorry


Hello to all you lovely crafty people… I know it feels like forever since i last did a blog and with everything […]


Hello again everyone!! Finally back after a technical issue… I thought i would look at Amigurumi. The Japanese art of knitting and […]

Diamond Painting

Today i wanted to take a look at diamond painting. Our lovely Nicola who is a regular at Unravel has been doing […]

Love For Australia

So something great happened today! A group of 11 ladies came together at Intra to make pouches for those poor animals that […]