Tunisian Tuesday CAL


Week 5

A new stitch for you to learn this week, Tunisian Purl Stitch.  It’s a little more fiddly than the TSS (Tunisian Simple Stitch) but you will soon get into the swing of it. For those who want to do the continuous joining, you will find the link below. Faye and I are posting our finished blocks in the comments on Rainbow Valley Crochet, along with some helpful information.

Please share your blocks on Facebook when you have made it. If you would like to join in with the #TunisianTuesdayCAL there is more information here

Faye’s block
Faye’s notes -My tension hasn’t settled quite yet so I found that with my size 5 hook I needed to add 3 extra pattern repeats (9 extra rows) before I could bind off to make sure that my block was square. This stitch does take some getting used to as you need to position the working yarn at the front of your work before you move your hook into the stitch.
Helen’s Block
Helen’s notes – I found that the TPS rows tend to make the block “shrink”.  I did the same as the pattern as it will stretch into the right shape.

Don’t forget to read the rest of the post as there are hints/tips, photographs, group feedback and more.

The Continuous Join

Continuous Joining

#FollowonFriday  Here is the link to the continuous joining for the 5 blocks you have made so far.

Of course, you do not have to join them in the same order as I have and you don’t have to join them just yet if you would prefer to wait until you have made more.

You can download the tutorial from – Rainbow Valley Crochet website

You can find more information about the CAL and pattern here



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